2018 – Presentation at PSUT

CSC Beyond made a presentation to the president and Deans of Princess Sumaya University of Technology, showcasing the advanced Semantic Technology and cognitive engines.





2018 – Company Luncheon and Gathering with Marca Industries’ President


2018 – Meeting With Epicured

CSC Beyond U.S. Manager Rami Ikhreishi meets with one of our newest clients Epicured, the leaders in gluten-Free, Low Fodmap diet creators to handle their online systems renovation and deliver new, exciting and healthier user experience.

2017 – Paquin Healthcare Visits CSC Beyond

Paquin Healthcare’s CEO, Tony Paquin has visited CSC Beyond offices in Amman Jordan and Met with Management and Staff, expanding the potential and expressing vital growth plans in the near future for their operations to be handled by CSC Beyond.



2017 – CSC Beyond Launches TWESMO

TWESMO, a Two Way Encrypted Secure Messaging Organization is a subsidiary of CSC Beyond.

This private chat application is now launched and available on both, App Store and Google Play


2017 – CSC Beyond Achieves a Patent Publication

CSC Beyond has achieved a published patent in the USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office):


Publication Number: 20170300470

Patent Abstract:

Systems and methods for semantically analyzing digital information. A cognitive engine is configured to determine useful evidentiary information from large digital content data sets. Further, the cognitive engine can analyze or manipulate the evidentiary information to derive data needed to solve problems, identify issues, and identify patterns. The results can then be applied to any application, interface, or automation as appropriate.


Links to Patent:

Google Patents: https://www.google.com/patents/US20170300470

Justia Patents: https://patents.justia.com/patent/20170300470


2017 – CSC Beyond contracts with Disney

CSC Beyond has contracted to work for Disney Resorts & Disney Dining to provide excellence in services for Disney Resorts and Disney Dining clients.


2016 – CSC Beyond Contracts with Apple

NCITSolutions has contracted to work for Apple Inc, providing excellence in services of:

  • Online Sales and user guidance
  • Customer Service
  • Technical Support
  • Coding and Implementation

    2016 – U.S. Manager Mr. Rami Ikhreishi was included in the Alumni website of NCSU in Raleigh

    Raleigh, NC. USA – CSCBeyond U.S. Manager Mr. Rami Ikhreishi was included in the Alumni
    website of North Carolina State University in Raleigh. He is also a graduate from the prestigious
    EEP program at that school.









2014: Christmas Company Gathering at Holiday Inn Hotel / Dead Sea

CSCBeyond Presentation at Holiday Inn, Dead Sea

CSCBeyond Jordan Manager Lectures in Workshop at Ministry of Education / Al Mowaqqar School

Workshop at Oracle Open Day / Jordan

2013: Thanksgiving Company Luncheon

CSCBeyond U.S. Manager Meets With His Royal Highness Prince El Hassan Bin Talal.

CSCBeyond Works With the EuroMed Transport Project, Funded by the European Union.

CSCBeyond U.S. Manager Rami Ikhreishi performs a presentation at EEP, NCSU.

Fox News Visits CSCBeyond and Its Telecommunications backbone.